Social Innovation Academy

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Social Innovation Academy

SINA tackles failing education and resulting unemployment in Uganda through the creation of self-organized and freesponsible community hubs, which incubate community-led solutions in form of social enterprises


From Marginalized Youth to Social Entrepreneurs

A cost-effective and self-governed community approach provides a pathway, tools and the mindset for marginalized youth and refugees to shape a vision for their future and create new solutions in form of social enterprises with benefit to society and the environment.


Social Enterprises created at SINA


Scholars empowered


Jobs created through upcoming Social Enterprises


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Uganics on attn and Global Press Journal

Mosquito Repellent Soap This mosquito repellent soap could help save some of the 435,000 people who die from malaria every year. Gepostet von ATTN: am Freitag, 3. Mai 2019 attn, a social media news agency for entertainment that informs came out to SINA to film Joan Nalubega and Uganics and released this piece. The Global […]

Reform Africa and Uganics at the Uganda Parliament Exhibition

Our Social Enterprises Reform Africa (bags from upcycled plastic) and Uganics (mosquito repellent soap) have been invited to exhibit their innovative solutions at the Parliament of Uganda hosted by the Uganda Chamber of Commerce and met with the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaaga.

Uganics on AFP News Agency

Agence France-Presse (afp) is the oldest international news agency in the world and came to visit SINA to create this news piece on our social enterprise Uganics.

Two SINA Scholars as 2019 Echoing Green Finalists

We are extremely proud and congratulate our 2 SINA scholars as 2019 Echoing Green Fellow Finalists. Namujju Juliet with Kimuli Fashionability and Joan Nalubega with Uganics have been chosen from thousands of applications and are among the best global social change leaders with potential to launch bold new ideas for solving the most pressing and […]


Apply Now! Deadline 17th May 2019 Social Impact Award supports young innovators in building social enterprises that address the most challenging issues of our time. We play, we experiment, we dream big, we work hard. We are 100% human and radically collaborative. We do so by hosting events and organizing workshops to raise awareness for […]


Kankobe Children's Home

Etienne Salborn volunteers in the Kankobe Children’s Home in Uganda and creates an educational sponsorship program in High Schools for the orphans after leaving the orphanage


Foundation of Jangu e.V.

The sponsorship program reaches 30 students and Jangu e.V. is founded in Germany to manage them professionally


The idea of SINA

The first generation of sponsored youth completes High School but drowns in 83% youth unemployment. Only one student is able to join University due too high tuition fees. An Open Space with the graduates and Etienne brings a solution...


Foundation of SINA

The Social Innovation Academy (SINA) is collectively created and built (from plastic bottles) on procured land in Mpigi with 15 Ugandan facilitators, international experts and the Jangu graduate.


SINA Mpigi

The first SINA Community grows to 50 members and fully develops a self-managed and freesponsible education approach for social entrepreneurship. First Social Enterprises successfully emerge. SINA is nominated for the HIVOS Social Innovation Award.


Expansion to Refugee Settlement

1st SINA Community grows to 70 members, adopts Holacracy as its self-management system and wins the Good100 Award. Three refugees decide to take the SINA model to the Nakivale Refugee Settlement: SINA OPPORTUNIGEE is born and the model successfully replicated.


International Awards

First SINA Social Enterprises receive international awards and recognitions.



with “Unleashed” and “SINA Loketa” the 3rd and 4th Communities are founded in the Bidibidi and Nakivale Refugee Camps by refugee SINA Scholars. SINA wins the UNHCR Innovation Award.


International Expansion

A self-managed network is launched between the different SINA communities and SINA actively scales into new refugee contexts in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Partners & Supporters

Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung
Office of the Prime Minister
Mpigi District Local Government
Social Impact Award
Ubiquity University
Work for Life

If it wasn’t for SINA, I would not be where I am now, with a great exposure, empowerment and self-esteem. SINA enabled me to understand my self-worth, I learnt how to speak in public, meet any influential person "I want to meet without fear, and above all, SINA has supported me to turn my painful past into positive energy. I am what I am today because of SINA."

Ruth Nabembezi

SINA scholar from 2015 – 2016, Founded Ask Without Shame at SINA and became a Queen’s Young Leader+Echoing Green Fellow

"Before I joined SINA I didn’t know what to do with my life, I was scared that I was going to be a failure because I had no hopes of continuing with studies but after joining SINA and through a lot of empowerment and coaching, I realized my passions and regained hope for success and created a change in my life."

Joan Nalubega

Founder of Uganics

"I am now strong emotionally and no longer put blame on anyone for the challenges that I met in life and I uphold challenges to give me solutions. I was able to find my passion and create a social benefit to the society out of it."

Angella Marjorie

Founder of the Gejja Women Foundation

"SINA has created a new me. It changed me into an inspirational story and helped me touch the lives of communities. Through SINA I have created my own job and I learnt to live with others and to support others. I am able to lead, speak openly and have a clear vision for my life. SINA is what Uganda needs to change the 83% youth unemployment rate."

Elizabeth Nalugemwa

Founder of Kyaffe Farmers Coffee

"Before SINA, I was not able to express myself and give my view about challenges that affect me and my community, after SINA am able to pursue my passion and dreams of fashion and supporting persons with disabilities with the help of life coaches and mentors. SINA has changed my life through discovering myself, identifying and developing my passions and it has kept me thinking and creative all the time. I am an empowered leader now and have been able to create an enterprise. "

Juliet Namujju

Founder of Kimuli Fashionability

"SINA has impacted me in many ways. It is the place and environment where I discovered myself deeply. I learned how to find solutions towards problems and pains I had."

Turatsinze Victor

Co-Founder of OPPORTUNIGEE and SINA Unleashed in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement

"SINA is a life transforming environment which is giving hope and meaning to life of youth. I was hopeless and I didn’t know what I was going to do but since I joined SINA I am now developing my professional skills and my personal growth. It is helping me to become an entrepreneur."

Sylvain Himbana

Co-Founder of SINA Loketa in Bidibidi Refugee Camp